Our product portfolio comprises interior and industrial luminaires, suitable for illuminating office buildings, public areas, offices, shops, supermarkets, industrial objects also exit sign and emergency luminaries, self-contained power packs, group and central battery systems, exit sign and emergency luminaries for external power supply, as well as monitoring and control systems. The high standards of our luminaries, devices, and systems reflect our exper tise in the field of functional and cost-effective emergency lighting. This is backed by ongoing new develop ments and improvements. Thereby, the integration of new technologies and materials ensures a quick response to varying market require ments. The result is a continuous flow of innovative products, features, and styles. Exit sign and emergency luminaries in compact design, like LOGICA, are only examples of our innovative power.

Also the advanced Logica FM system, as well as the multifunctional monitoring and control system LOGICA for self-contained emergency lighting systems reflect the knowhow of the Beghelli group. The LOGICA system meets all the criteria of a system for costeffective monitoring and the control of self-contained emergency lighting systems. This modular concept is based on exit signs, emergency luminaries, and power packs with test facilities for autonomous monitoring (Autotest). The same luminaries and devices can be connected to a LOGICA (wired) or LOGICA FM (radio) monitoring and control unit (Centraltest). A DALI-compatible bus is used for communications for LOGICA devices while connection is performed via radio for LOGICA FM devices. Enterprises with large-scale or multiple buildings can monitor their emergency lighting systems from a PC via a data or GSM network.